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From the establishment of IEFAZ on March 13th, 2015, we have watched this community go above and beyond in supporting this flourishing center. The community realized the immediate need of a center where we don't just gather to worship or attend religious events, but also where our children can learn who Allah and Ahlulbayit (a.s) are. With hard work and efforts of countless volunteers, this center has become our source of pride and identity.

The IEFAZ board has been diligently working on improvements throughout the building since it was purchased last year. New restrooms for men and women, reconfiguration of women's area, Molana suite, clearing of bushes and trees are just a few examples of the projects that occupied us so far.

As we progress, we now need the front parking area to be completed not only for the comfort of our members, but also because of city requirements. The city has given us a deadline to complete this project by April 30th because currently the center has no accessibility for the fire department in case of emergency. The plans for the construction have been submitted to the city and is pending approval.

The total budget for the front area construction is $56,000 out of which we have Alhumdulillah raised a considerable amount of funds from Fateha Wall and other resources. We are still however short.

We are again counting on this strong dedicated community to come forward and help once again, for whatever is spent in the way of Allah is returned back to us in this world, and we all have witnessed it.

Please call us or email us to show your support. For your generosity, may Allah reward you back with the best of his returns in this world and afterlife, inshahallah.


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